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Most people have heard the term, “non-profit” yet few completely understand how they function. A non-profit is usually a charitable organization that benefits public interest and its members. Non-profits can serve a number of different interests and projects including arts and culture, education, religious institutions, literary awareness, health and wellness and more.

Philadelphia is home to a plethora of non-profit organizations that are doing great work for their respective communities on a daily basis. Here are three non-profit organizations that are on our radar that are excel at doing good:

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) – This non-profit “offers programs, activities, workshops and publications to gardeners of all levels and interests” and brightens and beautifies our community year-round Some of their programs include PHS Garden Tenders, a training course that educates citizens on how to start community gardens; PHS Plant One Million, a tree campaign with a goal of restoring Pennsylvania’s tree canopy to 30%; and PHS Pop-Up Gardens, a program that transforms vacant lots into urban oases where visitors can enjoy food, drinks and special entertainment. PHS also produces the annual Philadelphia Flower Show, which is the largest and longest running flower show in the country. !

Philadelphia Fashion Incubator (PFI) – PFI is a collaborative effort between the City of Philadelphia, Macy’s Center City, Center City District and various educational institutions in the city. The purpose of PFI is to provide resources for local fashion designers who want to start their businesses in the city. The program was launched in 2012 and it accepts four “Designers-in-Residence” every year who have access to design/work space, mentors and other resources that will help them succeed. In addition to its annual program, PFI also hosts events and workshops to help Philadelphians learn how to start and grow their design businesses.

Philadelphia Film Society (PFS) – PFS is dedicated to providing access to powerful films and experiences for people of all ages [JUST ALL AGES?] at both the Roxy and Prince theaters. PFS has a fresh lineup of film events every month that are certain to appeal to a wide variety of people. BYO Wednesdays, for example are perfect for those who love a good movie paired with a drinking game, while The Graveyard Shift suits people looking for suspense and horror. PFS’ community-driven Philly Film Showcase highlights local talent (plus admission is pay what you wish) and the popular Philadelphia Film Festival every fall attracts a wide range of talent and visitors to the city.

For more non-profits in the city that you can learn about and get involved with, check out SERVE Philadelphia, which maintains a comprehensive list. We’re looking forward to keeping up with how these organizations are making a difference in Philadelphia!.

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