Zakia Blain

Zakia Blain

This Serial Entrepreneur Decided To Take An Adult Gap Year At The Peak Of Her Career — Here's Why She Needed It To Preserve Her Mental Health | Essence

Zakia Blain isn’t new to the entrepreneurship game. The girls that know, know.

What started as a fitness challenge over 10 years ago when her doctors told her that she couldn’t work out anymore due to an illness, has grown into an inclusive athleisure and shapewear empire for women of all sizes.

But more importantly, the Philadelphia native and CEO of FBF Body, has been at the forefront of the “body positive” movement — before it was trendy — empowering women to show up as their best self, at any size. Something, many probably don’t even give her as much credit as she deserves.

What makes Blain adorned is her authenticity, vulnerability and her passion for helping Black women succeed. Unfortunately, all of those things can be a double edged sword — especially for those who are constantly creating and pouring into others, while seldom being poured into for themselves.

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