Woman with an I Voted sticker

Woman in blazer with an I Voted sticker

Midterms 2022: What’s At Stake For Women

We’ve heard it repeatedly in the media, from friends, families, co-workers and political pundits; at conferences and over dinner; and perhaps in our dreams: this is the most important election cycle of our lives.

Hyperbole aside, there’s more at stake for women this year in the midterm elections than maybe any other time in present history. From healthcare and voting to slavery (yes, slavery!), ballot measures across the nation can and will change our daily lives, whether we fully embrace the democratic process or not.

Before you ask, yes, this has EVERYTHING to do with tech. All these issues impact people in general and in many cases, the slight majority identifying as female, and thus have an impact on the tech workforce. In addition, in many cases, the technology or the people representative of it, have a direct connection to either the problems or the solutions to them being addressed.


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