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Glennon Doyle Office Hours

Glennon Doyle on Her Little-Known First Book and the Habit That ‘Saves’ Her Every Day

In’s monthly series Office Hours, they ask people in powerful positions to take us through their first jobs, worst jobs, and everything in between. This month, they spoke to Glennon Doyle, the best-selling author, founder of the nonprofit Together Rising, and host of the podcast We Can Do Hard Things, named after her signature and oft-repeated motto. Doyle first started sharing her writing on her viral blog, Momastery, where she’d open up about her life as a progressive Christian mother. Since those early internet days, Doyle’s fans have watched her transform on and offline, all while navigating some of life’s hardest—and most beautiful—things. Throughout her three memoirs, she’s written about disordered eating and addiction; motherhood; infidelity; divorce; falling in love with her now-wife, the soccer legend Abby Wambach; co-parenting; and her ongoing mission to share her bravest and truest self with the world. “When we are open and radically curious, we inevitably change,” Doyle says. “That, to me, is victory.” Here, she shares how she’s crafted her career as “an anxious and highly-sensitive person,” the intentional ways she protects her work, and the dream job she still hasn’t done yet.

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