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Picture it: you’re walking through Rittenhouse Square on a beautiful spring day. The foliage perfectly coordinates with your outfit, the barista spelled your name right on your latte, and you woke up feeling extra-fine. The opportunity has presented itself for the perfect selfie. So, you fluff your hair, adjust your scarf, and take a quick peak in all directions to make sure no one’s watching.

“Adweek reports 50% of men and 52% of women admit to taking the occasional selfie”

Selfie shame: it happens to everybody. Adweek reports 50% of men and 52% of women admit to taking the occasional selfie, yet the stigma of narcissism persists. In October, announcers for the Diamondbacks baseball team mocked a group of sorority girls for taking selfies with each other throughout the game, even going so far as to suggest an intervention.

An intervention sounds a little extreme for something as harmless as a selfie. At Skai Blue Media, we’re firm believers in loving yourself and what better way to love yourself than to capture the moments that make you feel invincible? When we take selfies, we’re documenting ourselves not at our most self-obsessed but at our most self-confident.

Confidence is your greatest accessory — wear it with pride! Flaunt away! Break out the selfie sticks and snap to your heart’s content.

And if anyone gives you trouble, send them our way.

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