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We’re all guilty of being a little preoccupied with our phones. In fact, it may border on addiction. Don’t think so? What if you were shown exactly how much time you spent on your phone each day–would you still laugh?

Well, you don’t have to worry (or laugh) any more. Moment has come to save the day. The app tracks how much time you spend using your phone each day and helps create a daily limit usage. Best yet, for the tech-obsessed among us, it provides “occasional nudges” when you approach those pre-set limits.

The goal is to become more aware of how much time we spend on our mobile devices and to challenge ourselves to cut back. We’re calling on everyone to try this ‘Phone Diet’ and see what it feels like to be hands and device free for a while.

Though mobile devices were created to add convenience to our lives, they continue to permeate into our day-to-day activities and are instilling unhealthy dependency, instead of seamless luxury. According to the American Psychiatric Association, addiction to smartphones is often fueled by “Internet Use Disorder,” a preoccupation with the Internet that can result in actual symptoms of withdrawal.

The creator of the Moment app, Kevin Holesh, realized how much digital addictions were ruining his personal relationships and that he needed a real solution. “When I first started using Moment, I was spending 75 minutes on my phone every single day.”

Moment is effective in limiting smartphone use because it does not require regular use once it is activated. It’s “designed to be invisible,” says Holesh. Once you set up the app, you never have to open it again. It runs in the background, sending you warnings when you approach or exceed your limits.

Life is full of fun and exciting things. We miss those opportunities because we’re too busy capturing an Instagram picture, a video for Snapchat, or even texting a friend. How many times have you sat down to watch a movie or TV and instantly grabbed your phone to check social media? Do you even remember what your best friend was wearing today on your lunch date?

Moment isn’t intended to make us “put down your phone forever and go live in the woods,” as Holesh would say. It was designed to help create a healthier balance between the real and digital world.

If you start with limiting your smartphone usage to just 20 minutes a day, you’ll be surprised by how much that time adds up, and allows you to do more of everything else. We wrote this blog post in almost 20 minutes – what could you do with more moments?

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