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To filter or not filter your sushi burrito? That is the question.

Your friend just got back from lunch at that new French-Mexican fusion restaurant with the 5-star Yelp rating. She delves into a 3-minute description of the amazing chile verde crepes she claims she inhaled. The description is rich, but you want more. So you ask to see a picture, because you know she took three.

Why are we so obsessed with documenting our food? Is it an increased appreciation for visual aesthetic and the complex art of food presentation, or are we just a generation of die-hard foodies? Perhaps the answer lay somewhere in between. To millennials, food not only serves as mere nourishment; it can be a creative outlet or means for storytelling. We engage and connect with what is on our plate and want to share that connection with our friends—and even strangers. Media and dining are inextricably linked, now more than ever. Food has become this decade’s trendy new accessory, and its temporal qualities make it the perfect fit for a social media post.

Here at Skai Blue Media, more than a few team members have admitted to food-selfie addictions. Call us enablers because we never shame them when they “forget to turn off the flash” while snapping in a dim restaurant. Food posts have become something to fantasize about on the commute home from work and a necessary ritual for some before chowing down, akin to placing a napkin on your lap. Whether you’re snapchatting or crafting that perfect Instagram caption, your food post is bound to be well-received.

Want to know where to get good grub in your city? Hit up Instagram for foodie accounts whose pictures will leave you drooling. Check out our favorites: @SwagFoodPhilly, @philadelphiafoodie and @phillyfoodgirl. Also check out recently launched His and Her Eats, and prepare to clear your calendar for reservations.

TELL US: What do you think about inviting the phone to the table? Is it a bizarre practice that clogs up your newsfeed with the potential to devastate the sacred ritual of eating? Or do you love it?  Let us know your thoughts below!


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