Javier Skai Blue Media

Javier Alonzo

Creative Director

Javier Alonzo joined Skai Blue Media in 2012 with a strong command of creative directing, styling, and visual branding.  As the Associate Creative Director, Javier utilizes his strong background in fashion marketing to help clients with brand management, visual communication, and social media. With a discerning eye for visual merchandising and styling, Javier has worked with a range of brands, including TOPSHOP, Ted Baker and Concrete Polish.

In his current position, Javier plays a prominent role in the production of look books, branding campaigns and event and concept planning designed to increase the foundational aspects of Skai Blue Media’s diverse clients. He demonstrates his passion for styling and creative directing in both product and editorial photo shoots for a multitude of clients of every vertical at Skai Blue Media. In additional to his extensive retail experience, Javier is well versed in wholesale, developing pricing solutions and strategic designer exhibit layouts at international trade shows such as Coterie, Accessories Circuit, and MAGIC.

Javier’s focus remains in lifestyle, retail and fashion clients such as Dom Streater, Ken Wroy, BUS STOP Boutique and Jeffrey Levinson. When he is not blogging about the novelties that define his lifestyle, you can find him exercising his shopping therapy skills around the city’s hidden gems.