Be Well Philly tries Bowling for Fitness

Calling all of our health and fitness fans, Emily Leaman from Be Well Philly tried Sweat Fitness and Frames’ highly anticipated bowling work out class this past week. Bowling and fitness you may ask? The 10th location of Sweat Fitness features a blowing alley next to the fitness facility. The Sweat Fitness staff created a core workout class surrounding the competitive sport.

Emily was able to work out with trainer (and creator of the workout) Dan Tolbert to see what moves she could use for her workout routine. The class began with a warmup which involved using a weighted ball and doing squats and lunges. The second phase of the class took place on the bowling lanes! Class members did circuit-type exercises where the goal was to knock down pins. By working in pairs, one person bowls, then completes a set of exercises (five jumping jacks, say, or 10 squat-jumps). Each frame someone bowls, new exercises are completed.

To read the full article for I Tried It click [here]. The Bowling for Fitness class takes place on Wednesdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm

Sweat Fitness and Frames. 3300 Henry Lanes, East Falls.


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