What We do

Skai Blue Media is a full-service public relations agency based in Philadelphia and New York City. We bring together experience from high profile PR firms in New York and Los Angeles in addition to maintaining close relationships with media outlets, business networks, writers, influencers and decision-makers.

Skai Blue Media specializes in helping businesses grow their clientele base. Whether we are helping a client prepare for an opening or generating press opportunities in regional and national publications, our unique pitching style secures targeted coverage in niche and national publications. However big or small, we provide each client with an individualized approach to garnering press and creating unique collaborations.

Skai Blue Media believes in telling our client’s story and creating the buzz their business or brand needs.

Our services transcend traditional publicity models by combining nontraditional approaches to building both alternative and mainstream appeal. We do not rely on press releases. We pitch specific stories that are given to a targeted group of writers – building personal relationships while gathering press for our clients.

We reach out to all facets of the media from brand- building on Twitter and Facebook to exposure in print publications, blogs, and television appearances. Our clients shun the obvious, seeking out fresh, imaginative ways to take their businesses to the next level.

We use social media, organic networking opportunities, and synergetic media strategies between clients to heighten exposure.